Processing & Services

Processing & Services

Kaltenbach Drill and Cut Line (Drill KDE 603 – Saw KBS 750 DG CNC)

Used to drill a wide variety of steel sections, from small to medium to heavy-sized columns and beams, using up to three individual axis drilling heads simultaneously. The machine has a fully automated material storage and handling facility both pre and post machine. This helps eliminate the need to double hand the material. The stock material is loaded onto the machine´s bed in the steel stock yard and is then removed from the machine´s transfer table after the material has been processed.

The Kaltenbach can be programmed in a number of ways:

  1. By using the machine´s own PC (situated in front of machine)
  2. From DSTV files created by 3D steel modelling software packages (ie. Strucad, Advanced Steel)
  3. Via a separate PC situated in the office, which has a direct computer link to the machine.

General Specifications

Max Material Length: 15500mm

Drill KDE 603

Angle steel max: 250 x 250 x 35mm
Channel (PFC) max: 400 x 110 x 14mm
Flat Bar: 500 x 80mm
Hollow Sections max: 300 x 300mm
H-Beams max: 600 x 330mm
Hole Size Range: 8mm to 32mm – Centre marking (Cleat positions etc.)

Saw KBS 750 DG CNC

Double Mitre Band-saw

Speed Range: 15 – 90 m/min
Mitre cutting capacity: – 45o left, + 30o right

Maximum material size for saw is restricted to those sizes specified above.

Esprit CNC Plasma Cutter

For cutting mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

2000mm x 6000mm cutting bed

Can cut up to 25mm thick mild steel with a High Definition cut quality.

3000mm Colly CNC Brake Press

For folding up to 3000mm at 6mm thick